February 02, 2023
Signs That Your Gutters Are Damaged According To Gutter Companies

Signs That Your Gutters Are Damaged According To Gutter Companies

As soon as you become aware of a problem with your gutters, you may determine whether or not it’s something you can address yourself, or if you’d be better off hiring a gutter service.

Having Standing Water Close To Your House
If there is water pooling around your house, it’s because your gutters and downspouts are not doing their job.

The Growth Of Mold Or Mildew
When you detect mold or mildew anywhere on your property, whether it’s the gutters or the walls, consider it a warning sign. The presence of mold and mildew is an indication of too much moisture in the air, which may be the result of a problem with the gutters.

Water Overflowing The Drainage System
You can’t see water pooling in the gutters till it’s really raining, so you’ll have to wait until then to investigate. Worst case scenario, your gutters are broken. It may just be a case of a clogged gutter that needs clearing out.

The Basement Is Leaking
Your basement’s layout and materials mean that a wide variety of issues might be to blame for the water seepage. We have established that the pooling problem may cause water to seep into the basement. There is only so much water that can be kept out by egress windows and cinder block walls.

Lawn And Garden Destruction
Most rain gutters discharge straight into the ground, thus landscaping should be designed to accommodate this discharge. However, rainwater will pool in an inappropriate location if the gutters are leaky or obstructed. Plants are vulnerable to drowning or being overwatered by this standing water. Materials like stones and mulch used to construct flower beds will also be displaced.

Visible Cracks in the Gutters
Injured seamless gutters will be sagging, cracked, or twisted. It’s important to inspect your roof, siding, and gutters after a storm to make sure nothing has been damaged, for this you can request the assistance of professional gutter companies such as Alex Siding & Gutters.